I would write a post about what I did this weekend, but I don't really remember. I feel like I was stuffed inside a box the whole weekend, just drowning in bubble wrap. pop, pop. Plus, A was gone and I lose track of time when it's just me there. Me and 347896 boxes.

I did venture out some. I'm not a complete loser shut-in.

One of A's friend's fiance's birthday was Friday (that's a mouthful!) so I met up with them at a Mexican place downtown to celebrate. He's not the smartest tool in the shed...also downtown this weekend was Fetival International. Which meant that I drove around for 30 minutes trying to find somewhere to park. I finally settled on some guy's yard for $10. Safe, right?

Most restaurants do a dessert for the birthday girl. Not this one. This one handed out shots for everyone at the table (14 people!) and it was free. All free. It made up for the food sucking. And the worst margarita I've ever had in my life.

And then I went home and pretended to pack. Except I had no boxes. So I watched Say Yes to the Dress.
Saturday I woke up determined to get. shit. done. But 7am is too early for that so I went back to sleep until 11 and then got up to conquor the world. That started with me picking up the boxes and bubble wrap from uhaul. And I know I went to Target for something, but all I remember right now is looking at the pretty clothes and being sad that I couldn't buy any. Oh wait! I remember. Strawberries and watermelon. I was feasting AND conquoring the world.

I packed two boxes and called it a win and took a break to go to festival. Not much to report there - saw some bands and felt guilty that I wasn't packing so I went home.
 photo anigif_enhanced-buzz-24086-1366826702-1_zps4a92eafe.gif

Armed with some wine and Lifetime movies, I got shit done. And yes, I was drinking the wine out of the bottle because I was packing all of the 83758534 wine glasses we own, and I couldn't leave one out just to drink wine. Bottle it was. I also decided that the people who write those movies HAVE to be messed up in the head. But of course I couldn't stop watching.

Sunday I woke up and was packed out. I didn't want to do anything.
 photo anigif_enhanced-buzz-15120-1363359285-0_zps018f0a8f.gif

But I also didn't want A to think that I sat at home all weekend like a loser and still couldn't manage to get anything done. So I tackled the guest room.

 photo anigif_enhanced-buzz-5857-1363297900-6_zpse5622b25.gif

I felt like a champ. Just like JT. (And yes, that is the most amazing gif known to man kind. I can't stop watching it. Slash him. Joey and JC are in the background?)

But now that has all worn off and I'm already stressing out about how much we have left to pack. Mostly the kitchen. HOW DO WE HAVE SO MUCH STUFF? Does one really need a margarita blender and a regular blender? The answer is yes, just not when you are moving. I packed two kitchen boxes and you can't even tell. We better find a really nice house because I'm not doing this again. Well, next time I'll just pay someone to do that actual packing for me, maybe. That sounds nice.

He told me to tell everyone hi. He did not like not getting any attention this weekend, so leave him some love to make him feel better.


  1. Packing is always terrible to start, but once you get in a groove, it goes pretty quickly! I wish you luck with the rest of your packing. Have a great week!

  2. we're a little worried about our pup when we move, shes gets a little worked up and follows us around even more than normal when packing to go out of town. I can't imagine what its going to be like. amen on needing 329 of everything except when packing.

  3. Hello Bowden. I love you more than that NSYNC gif.

    No I don't. That's a lie. Sorry.

  4. He is so freaking cute (the dog and JT.) Also, drinking wine out of the bottle also saves you from having to do any dishes.

  5. That NSYNC GIF really is the best GIF ever.

  6. NSYNC GIF for the winnnnnnnnnnn!!!!

    Also yay for packing! When yall find a house and move in I will help you unpack... only if we start with the wine glasses :)

  7. say yes to the dress always trumps going to get boxes. always.

  8. I so hate packing, but at the same times, it's still kinda exciting! :) Hooraahhhh

  9. Bless you on the packing! I absolutely dread when my time comes!

  10. I knew I should have just come to visit this weekend. I would have kept you on track or at least had a bunch of glasses of wine with you. Hehe hurry and move. I don't think I can wait much longer.

  11. Holly was gonna say HI to Bowden, but then her mom got distracted by JT+JC. (Yes, JC was mah man.)


  12. He really is a freaking adorable dog! Look at that sad face! Sounds like you deserved that bottle of wine you drank and maybe even another for all that packing you had to do. Packing is horrible.

  13. OMG, I'm the same way. It takes me 10 times longer to pack or to clean my closet because I get distracted and think that if I get one drawer done I deserve to watch 2 episodes of [insert crap TV show here].

    And hi, Bowden, you cutie!

  14. Packing is the worst!!! GOOD LUCK!

  15. Ugh packing is my least favorite thing in the world. The last time I moved I drank LOTS of wine, but unfortunately we didn't have cable so I had to go without the Lifetime movies. But that definitely sounds like it would make the time go by a lot faster!

  16. Packing is the worst! I hope it gets better now that A is back in town!


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